About Us


We are Greetje and Hugo van Oostrum, we live in Landhorst  a little village in The Netherlands.

We both grew up with dogs.  In 1993 we had our First dog together, A beautiful blond bovier. A year later a labrador joined our pack. Both dogs where 13 years a part of our life. In special the temperament of the Bovier really suited us. Couse the fur-treatment this breed need, we started to look out for another breed.

In 2007 our First bullmastiff named, Lana joined us. End 2007 the second bullmastiff came named, Freek. We had not any moment of regret, what a beautiful breed the bullmastiff is! They look though and have an amazing beautiful temperament.

In 2009 we requested our kennel name ‘’The Peatcutters’’ by the FCI and the Dutch kennelclub. In this year we bred as well our First bullmastiff litter.

Meanwhile many experiences richer, and we are still very excited about ‘’our ‘’ breed!

Our dogs live together with us in our cosy home.

We breed on small-scale, as well only with combinations which we guarantee 100%. We prefer a typpical, healthy and good moving bullmastiff.

The dogs we use for breeding are tested on HD and ED.

More information about bullmastiffs in general, you can find at our website under the section ‘’pups’’ as well our planned and previous litters.
If you have any questions left, you can send us an email.

Greetje & Hugo van Oostrum.

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