The Peatcutter's Amazing Sunkiss


26.08.2009 - 08.07.2017 †

Our sweet Tina - our Tinus - has been sick for just a short while.
It was a difficult decision to let her go.
Its was to hard for you and you didn't deserve that.
Love is releasing.
Dear Tinus, we miss you so much X

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28.12.2007 - 12.01.2017 †

Our sweet, beautiful Freek.
Our 2nd bullmastiff, we have lost him in a month because of a heart problem. What a very special dog he was.

We miss his presence and his sounds very much. There is no 2nd dog like him.
Goodbye sweet handsome Freek XX

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The Peatcutter's Amazing Turner


26.08.2009 - 04.04.2017 †

Our dear Turner.
Maintained from our very first litter.
You were so beautiful, but what did you have a bad luck in your life.
Still, you stayd with us for 7 years and 7 months.
Dear Turner with your always excited character, we miss you boy. XX you deserve your rest.

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The Peatcutter's Brave Uma


23.02.2010 - 02.02.2015 †

We have lost our beautiful Uma much to soon because of complications during a uterus infection.

We were so proud of her and we will miss her so much.

Dear Uma forever in our hearts xx

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Grease Lightning van Gladakkers Hof


02.01.2005 - 26.10.2016

Sandy was a very sweet dog and also extremely beautiful. She came to us at the age of 4. Sandy is the mother of Tina and Turner. The last 4.5 yrs she has enjoyed her life with Han and Myriam. The best place for her. We are Han and Myriam grateful for everything they have done for Sandy!
Goodbye dear Sandy, you were very special!

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The Peatcutter's Brave Heart


23.02.2010 - 10.09.2013 †

Our beloved Vince, who we unexpectedly lost.
He turned out to have a blockage of pieces of corn cob.

Dear dear Vince we miss you so much!

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Boedha Bargus van Gladakkers Hof


11.09.2005 - 13.03.2013 †

Buddha came to us when she was 3 years old.
They appeared to have a heart murmur,
so we decided her give a place with a wonderful family
She had 3 wonderful years there.
Unfortunately, she died of lymphoma.
We want thank the fam Peters for the wonderful time
they have given to Boedha!

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Diamond Hills Bullseye


03.01.2002 - 06.02.2013 †

Jesse, we have taken home at the age of almost 10 years.
She has lived carefree 13 months with us and deceased from lymphoma. It was a grand old lady!

Diëgo vd Mija Dora


19.11.2004 - 28.03.2012 †

Our dear Diëgo.
He arrived at the age of 4 years to live with us.
What was he impressive!
We enjoyed of him for 3 years!
His two children Tina and Turner still live here with us.

Bye dear Diëgo xx

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Tosca v Zeisdal


04.11.1994 - 08.02.2008 †

Ashley vd Tweestroom


08.08.1993 - 01.09.2006 †

Ashley and Tosca were our first two dogs of us together. They have become both 13 years old.

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