News 2016

Dec '16

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2018!


Dec '17


Internationale dogshow Gorinchem

The Peatcutter's Limited Edition -Bear-

1 Excellent in Junior Class, JCAC

Judge dhr. F. Kane (GB)




Sept '17


September 3rd we had our cozy reunion again.

Photos will follow on Facebook and on our blog.



Aug '17


We are very pleased with the nice results of Neeltje:

HD-A & ED free



Jul '17


Love is let go

We have had to let our loveliest Tina go.
After 5 sick days we had to take this incredibly difficult dicision.
We're gonna miss our beautiful girl!

We love you honey X



Jun '17


National dogshow Arnhem nl

Neeltje (The Peatcutter's I Am Your Dream)

Junior class 1 excellent & reserve best bitch 

Judge Mr. P. Bispo (PT)



Mei '17



Neeltje (The Peatcutter's I Am Your Dream)

Junior Class 1 Excellent & Reserve Best Bitch

Very proud of our young girl (16 months old).
Judge. mr. P. Rehanek.



Mei '17


We are keeping a male and female out of the Blacky and George litter


Welcome Sjors and Doris!



Mei '17


7 puppies already left us.

We wish the new owners alot of luck, fun and health with their new family member. 



Apr '17


Chiropractor Chantal Bouten was here to check the puppies again.



Apr '17


New pictures of our puppies - click here




Apr '17


The Peatcutter's Dream Big (Beer)

became Dutch Junior Champion today!

We willen zijn eigenaren Anika en Jordy van harte feliciteren met dit mooie resultaat. We zijn erg trots op jullie.
Beer is een dochter van Roos en een broer van Neeltje.



Apr '17


Tired was your body, but so strong mind
It has now been enough
Goodbye my dearest Turner 
I have had many worries about you.
What we have been through a lot,
and what I will miss you x



Mar '17


We are extremely proud that Blacky gave birth to 10 beautiful brindle puppies on March 5th 2017

Click HERE for more info and pictures



Febr '17


Joy and sorrow are the two emotions in our house at the moment

Because we also have the beautiful news that our Blacky expect puppies around March 8.

We are very much looking forward to it.

For all information please contact: Upcoming litter






Febr '17


Internationale DogShow Eindhoven

Proud of our own bred boy

The Peatcutter's Dream Big -Beer-

1 Excellent - Junior Class JCAC

Beer is een zoon van Roos en broer van Neeltje.

Congrats to the owners Anika & Jordy!

The Peatcutter's I Am Your Dream -Neeltje-

2 Excellent - Junior Class

Also very proud of our girl

Judge P. Roosenboom (BE)




Jan '17


Unfortunately, we started our year very sad with the death of our dear handsome Freek.

We knew since a month that he might not have much longer. Still, the time came quite unexpectedly.

Dear dear Freek you were a very special dog
We miss you terribly



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