On this page you will find buttons to the left with all the information about our litter planning, previous litters and nice recent pictures of the dogs bred by us among offspring. Furthermore, an interesting piece on PennHIP (hip test), we apply to our dogs since 2012.

We are a small breeder and only breed with combinations we have 100% confidence in. Our goal is to breed a healthy, well-moving and breed typical Bullmastiff. All our dogs live with us in our home and the pups grow up in the house. The dogs we breed with are officially X-rayed for HD and ED. We only breed with dogs with HD A, B, C and ED 0 and 1. Dogs with HD D, E and ED 2 and 3 we absolutely exclude from breeding.

You can, if you come to visit us, always see the official results of the parent. Even if we use a foreign stud we can show the official results from the country of origin of the stud.


What can you expect from us?

What can you expect from the puppy

What will the puppy get

Are you interested in a pup, please mail us at : thepeatcutters@outlook.com

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